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Newborn Baby Photo - Tips And Tricks

Looking for information on how to take a professional appearing newborn baby photo? This article will cover some practical information as well as some useful suggestions on what props to use, light & positioning. The best time to take a newborn baby photo is within the first two weeks of life. During this time, the infant is still sleepy and relaxed, and therefore easier to photograph. Be certain the infant is fed before the session. In cooler climates, it may pay to have a heater going to keep the infant warm. Maintain some wipes and towels convenient, newborns could be messy! You may choose to use a water proof liner below your props in the event of any accidents. Props Make sure you devote the time to plan for your infant photo shoot in advance, this includes choosing the most appropriate props. Ensure that the props are age and gender appropriate, and pose no risk to the baby. Some effective props for a newborn baby photograph include: 

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Beanies and hats Crocheted photography props - you can find these online Wraps Baskets A Choice of backdrops Blankets Headbands Nappy covers A large beanbag Blankets Experiment with different colors and textures beforehand. Lighting Decide whether you'll use natural lighting or studio lighting. If you're photographing outside, be sure to stay out of direct sun to avoid harsh shadows. It is often better to shoot teens inside. Consider setting up alongside a window so you've got sufficient all-natural light coming into take your own photograph. If you are using studio lighting, practice before the session using a doll. Try different lighting set ups and make certain there are no harsh shadows on the surface.

Image result for header image Newborn Baby Photo - Tips And Tricks

 A reflector may be useful when you're fighting with this. Positioning Perhaps the most important part of your session would be to position the baby in a means that is aesthetically pleasing if photographed. Look back at the photos you've taken to double check. Many newborn photos online are digitally manipulated. You'll need to thoroughly research places for a newborn infant photo before attempting them. Inform the parents how you would prefer the baby positioned first and be sure they're near by to comfort the infant if she becomes unsettled. As soon as you are delighted with the composition of your photograph, snap off! Take lots of shots, you don't need to overlook that little grin or yawn. Try taking photographs from a distance as well as close up. Little fingers, feet and eyelashes can make for a special photograph too. Check them here 

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